Benefits of a Boarding School Education

Boarding Schools can offer:-

The types of schools can vary greatly

and each has their own approach to design and delivery of education content

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Academic Programs differ based on areas of interest, levels of support, experiential learning, and even geographic location

Sample programs include

* STEM: interdisciplinary and applied approach in the specific disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics

* Advanced Math / Scientific Research: authentic lab experience with professional scientists conducting real-world research

* Asian Studies: Proficiency in Mandarin; investigate Eastern culture through in and out-of-the classroom experiences.

* Computer Science: Connect theory and practice through math and engineering

Signature Programs and Special Interest Groups

are broad and deep ....

Environmental Stewardship

Mountain Classroom

Study Abroad

Global Studies

Language Immersion

Aviation Science

Semester at Sea

Highly Competitive Sports

Process and Product of Writing

Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality

On-campus Downhill Skiing

Waldorf Education

International Baccalaureate Program

One-to-One instruction

Entrepreneurial Studies

Big History

Experiential Learning

Maker Space

Summer Service Program

Mountain Biking

Investment Club

Equestrian Riding

Pre-Season Training

Arabic Studies


Accredited Rock Climbing

Glass Blowing

Learning (Dis)abilities

Athletics range from recreational and school team sports to focused, top-tier facilities and programs that can prepare student athletes for division-ranked college sports

Looking for a less traditional sport? Some schools offer national-level alpine skiing, golf on a championship course, or mountain biking right on campus. Interested in an accredited rock climbing program or bringing your horse to campus? These opportunities are also possible--

We can help you sort through a large amount of information

Each school has some unique offerings and their own culture and vibe

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